How a UK tent rental company used Google analytics and Tableau to improve sales

UK wedding marquee rental website Google analytics data was analysed using Tableau Public.  The client’s target geographic area is UK Northwest centered around Manchester.

It was interesting to see significant number of site visitors from Pakistan, India and Phillippines.

A bit of customer research reveals that these site visitors are friends and family helping with UK wedding.

The client does have first hand information that his clients have family members offshore who might have helped do wedding planning. But getting hard data from website analytics and seeing this clearly highlighted in the Tableau analysis prompted a call to action for the client to do sales and marketing efforts to advertise to Pakistani, Indian and Phillippines offshore but also to specifically target advertising to these demographic groups inside the UK.

The result was increased bookings and a lift in word of mouth advertising within these demographic groups.

Well done analytical entrepreneur. Yes, analytics can be that easy and effective. Just use the tools, do the work, and listen to the analysis!

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