Apache EChart alternative faux legend solution

Legends can be quite fiddly to include on a chart when the chart content can dynamically change and result in dramatic changes in y-axis values and count of x-axis values.

This is not limited to Apache EChart but including a legend in a recent EChart visualization I was working on was getting too complex and it needed a new solution.

That solution was to include a faux legend in the chart’s Title which is something I have done from time to time using other visualization tools but this was the first time I did it in ECharts.

The trick was to assign the legend text value colors using the the chart title’s textStylerich text feature as demonstrated in the code snippet below.

The result is a simple, good looking, compact legend beneath the chart title.A

This tennis rank visualization can be viewed at https://009co.com/public_data/tennis_data

The code snippet below demonstrates the chart options title with the textStyle rich text values.

const option = {
  title: {
    show: true,
    text: `${year} ${tournamentName}\n {upsetColor| Upset} {favoredColor| Favored} {noOddsColor| No Odds}`,
    left: "center",
    textStyle: {
      fontWeight: "bold",
      fontSize: 16,
      rich: {
        upsetColor: {
          color: "#D85A8A", // Color for 'Upset'
          fontWeight: "bold",
        favoredColor: {
          color: "#7FB3D5", // Color for 'Favored'
          fontWeight: "bold",
        noOddsColor: {
          color: "#B0B0B0", // Color for 'No Odds'
          fontWeight: "bold",


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