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Curtis Pokrant, Primary Consultant

    • Enable business intelligence capabilities in wide variety of industries and private and public organizations.
    • Subject matter expert, leader, and mentor to create and improve organizational data management and business intelligence capabilities. Scope ranging from organizational strategy to hands-on development.
    • Wide range of technical skills, knowledge and experience to create, implement and support digital and analytical tools and processes. Report & dashboard software, ETL and data warehouse. SQL, database, programming.
    • Passion to understand people, process and systems, and work collaboratively with business partners to provide high quality, high performing and intuitive data and reporting solutions.

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Requirements – Gather requirements and understand your business operations and opportunities including audit and assessment of existing data sources, storage, reporting and analytical capabilities.

Extract, Transform and Load Data – Consolidate, transform and prepare your data from your systems into a data warehouse to provide a complete view of data in a single environment.

Data Visualization and Reporting – Implement tools that allow your team to create reports, dashboards, analyses and visualizatons. Train and support your team  by providing report software training.

Data Governance – Identify and describe the collection of processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of your organization’s information in enabling it to achieve its goals.

Digital Solutions – Develop, implement and support digital solutions to support business data operations ranging from desktop (Excel, Python) to cloud (Azure, AWS, web hosting) environments.

Internet Applications – Develop, implement, support and operate a variety of internet applications using HTML, Javascript and Django (Python) hosted in variety of cloud (Azure, AWS, web hosting) environments.

Consulting Services – Provide strategic and tactical data and related process and technology consulting services to help your organization meet its goals and objectives.

Solution Proposal – Once we fully understand your organization’s goals and technical requirements, we’ll outline ways to help you achieve them, including a breakdown of software and services cost.