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Business Intelligence | Analytics | Digital Solutions | Leading and enabling business intelligence and data analytics capabilities

Requirements Analysis:
We assess your current data infrastructure and gather requirements, ensuring we understand the nuances of your business operations.

Data Processing:
We consolidate and transform your data, making it ready for subsequent analysis, reporting, and visualization.

Business Intelligence Implementation:
With a suite of tools at our disposal, we facilitate report generation, dashboard creation, and data visualization. Choose between our direct management or comprehensive staff training options.

Data Governance Framework:
By establishing a robust structure of processes, roles, and standards, we ensure your data is not only used but optimized in alignment with organizational goals.

Data Security & Compliance:
Data integrity is paramount. We implement security measures and ensure compliance with industry regulations, keeping your data safe and your operations within legal bounds.

Digital Solutions:
From desktop utilities like Excel and Python to cloud-based platforms such as Azure and AWS, we craft solutions tailored to your business environment.

Web Application Development:
Our team is adept at creating internet applications using HTML, Javascript, and Django, offering a range of hosting solutions including Azure, AWS, and more.

Consulting Services:
Our consultancy extends beyond mere data management. We aim to harmonize technology processes with your overarching business goals.

Continuous Learning & Training:
We believe in empowering your team. Through workshops and training sessions, we ensure your staff stays updated with the latest in BI and data analytics.

Proposal Development:
Once we’ve gauged your objectives and technical prerequisites, we curate a tailored proposal, inclusive of software and service costs, designed to meet and exceed your aspirations.

Curtis Pokrant, Primary Consultant

    • Enable business intelligence capabilities in wide variety of industries and private and public organizations.
    • Subject matter expert, leader, and mentor to create and improve organizational data management and business intelligence capabilities. Scope ranging from organizational strategy to hands-on development.
    • Wide range of technical skills, knowledge and experience to create, implement and support digital and analytical tools and processes.
    • Reporting & dashboard software, ETL, integration and data warehouse. SQL query, databases, programming.
    • Passion to understand people, process and systems, and work collaboratively with business partners to provide high quality, high performing and intuitive data and reporting solutions.

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