Business Intelligence – IT Black Box Challenge

In my experience, IT (including BI) is often inaccessible for most business users and is essentially opaque, almost a “black box”.


Inside the black box the focus can often be heavily weighted to the technical side. Even when the BI team creates excellent technical solutions, they may not come out of black box and meet business needs.


Then even when BI professionals do come out of the black box, do they present the user with too many touchpoints?


Does your BI team also make too many assumptions about what business users understand about technical terms and descriptions?


My BI success has come from “hugging the business” or “walking miles in their shoes”.

BI success is often much less about technical excellence than it is about really understanding business needs and delivering focused, needed data and analysis, combined with process and system improvements and technical knowledge transfer and training.

Does this represent your BI team?

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