Periodic chart elements by origin

This cool periodic chart of the elements shows source / origin of the elements. Source: Wikipedia created by Cmglee

Some elements may come from more than one source which are listed below:

    • Big Bang fusion
    • Exploding white dwarfs
    • Exploding massive stars
    • Cosmic ray fission
    • Merging neutron stars
    • Dying low-mass stars
    • Human synthesis

I wanted to see counts of elements by origin. At first I thought I might have to do some manual data entry from the graphic.

However, after a bit of digging it turned out that the author of the SVG file had embedded the data and Python code necessary to create the SVG file inside the file which is very cool.

With some minor modification to the Python code I was able to extract the data into a csv data file and then use that as data source for the visualizations of counts of elements by origin below.

Read more about the SVG and the Python code modifications here

The first chart below shows the counts of elements by their origin which answers my question.

Very interesting to learn that only 4 elements were created by the Big Bang and that all of the rest are created from various processes probably quite some time after the Big Bang.

The second chart shows counts of elements by number of origins. Interesting to also learn that some elements have more than one origin and 136 elements have more than one source.

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