@SirPatStew #ASonnetADay Dashboard

Github.io hosted Plotly.js dot plot visualization of @SirPatStew’s Shakespeare Sonnet reading Twitter posts.

Sir Patrick Stewart was doing Shakespeare Sonnet readings from his home during COVID-19 lockdown and they are really good.

So, using Twitter API and Tweepy, I retrieved his Tweet data to create the following:

    • A categorical dot plot of each sonnet’s tweet like and retweet counts.
    • A tabular list of #ASonnetADay tweets with links to tweet to allow others to easily find and watch them.

View visualization: https://sitrucp.github.io/sir_pat_sonnet_a_day_tweets/

Code hosted on Github:  https://github.com/sitrucp/sir_pat_sonnet_a_day_tweets

Screenshot of visualization below:

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